Technology is my passion; understanding it enables my creation.

What I Do

For the past few years, I have been pursuing a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I’ve had some incredible experiences. The exposure to teaching, research, and academics at Georgia Tech has prepared me in better understanding the breadth of the field, how each discipline serves its purpose in technology, and a depth of knowledge in signal processing techniques, specifically Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. Some of my accomplishments, projects, and creations from my teaching, research, and course projects that exemplify some of the skills I’ve picked up during the journey can be find on their appropriate pages at the top menu.

My Skills

Electrical and Computer Engineering

I’ve accumulated a breadth of knowledge towards understanding ECE in my Bachelor’s and Master’s education. My interest in ECE spans the discipline from mathematically understanding the basic physical phenomena’s that our earth presents to acquiring and processing this phenomena in a computer with signal processing techniques down to understanding the circuits and materials that allow the computation to happen.

Algorithm Development

Image based decision making requires precise algorithms that are formed based on theoretical concepts and logic. With various ideas I’ve had for projects throughout my experiences, I’ve utilized algorithms in different application to perform tasks on specific types of data, such as seismic data. I find the process of constructing an algorithm intriguing; finding the best set of tools to perform a task such as object tracking or classification tasks, for example, holds significant value as it requires robustness in its decision making for critical tasks.


Computation on various devices from GPU’s to CPU’s enables computationally expensive processes to be parallelized. As such, I have acquired experience in my studies programming in MATLAB, C++, and python. Some additional packages, toolboxes, and APIs I have used that utilize these languages include MATLAB toolboxes (Image Processing, Computer Vision), C/C++ APIs (CUDA, MPI),and python packages (pytorch, sciktlearn).

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