About Me

Hi, I’m Alex Mussa. I am a recent MS graduate from Georgia Tech’s Electrical and Computer Engineering program. In my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in teaching, research, and coursework that I have selected some examples from to highlight my skillsets that I have acquired during my journey.

My passion for creating the best engineering systems stems from my desire to understand the fundamental concepts that enable the technologies to work. With this understanding comes the ability to create and refine. I believe standards, best practices, and consistency in implementation results in the best performance of a system, and utilizing human understanding of the phenomena that occurs can guide systems to make more robust decisions.

I am a lifelong learner, who will always try to find the best solution to the problem. The tools I’ve acquired along the path of my studies help guide my solutions and my creativity help push new ideas to solutions. My dedication to the discipline has guided me to a broad understanding of topics that I utilize in my engineering style.