Coding Projects

A significant portion of the projects I’ve done for courses in my Master’s include coding and computation of some sort. I’ve provided below, for example of my coding in MATLAB and C++, two course projects below. A description of the project as well as the codes can be found at the link to my GitHub below.

An algorithm to determine a through-hole resistors rating from an image – MATLAB

In a Digital Image Processing course, I wrote an algorithm that pipelined several image processing techniques, such as those seen in the figure above. In this project, several new functions were created and several preexisting functions from the Image Processing toolbox were utilized in MATLAB to create the system that inputs an image of resistors and outputs then resistance value of each. I took a unique approach to solving this problem and utilized several concepts from the course to accomplish the end task. The final system’s MATLAB code can be downloaded here on my GitHub.

Parallelization of the 2-D Fast Fourier Transforms Computation – C++

For a course in advanced programming techniques, I wrote code to implement different forms of computation of the discrete Fourier transform, that is direct computation and Danielson-Lanczos FFT. It was done on different programming parallelization architectures, namely MPI, CUDA, and C++ Threads and uses cmake to compile the different files together. The objective was to compare the performance of the different architectures performance on various 2-D input sizes.

The code can be found on my GitHub here.