Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have served as a undergraduate teaching assistant for 4 semesters and a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) for 5 semesters, spanning various topics in ECE. In my recent experience at Georgia Tech, I also took on extra teaching responsibilities, such as instructing the course CETL 8000, in pursuit of a teaching certificate to accompany my experience. With the knowledge and experience I attained in effective teaching from the tech to teaching program, I codesigned and implemented a new course with the Georgia Tech ECE department, ECE 1010 Intro to ECE Design.

This page highlights some of the accomplishments, experiences, and creations from my experience teaching in my undergraduate and graduate academics. All of the work, including assessments and documentation, presented here was created by me for fulfillment of my duties as an instructor and teaching assistant. Ive broken the below sections into general categories of my teaching experience and selected one or two items to highlight the experience.

Courses I’ve Taught

  • Georgia Institute of Technology:
    • ECE 4445/4446 Audio Engineering – Fall 2017, Spring 2018 – GTA
    • ECE 3741 Instrumentation and Electronics Lab – Summer 2018 – GTA
    • CETL 8000 ECE GTA Preparation – Spring 2018, Fall 2018 – Instructor of Record
    • ECE 1010 Introduction to ECE Design – Summer 2019 – GTA
  • Purdue University Northwest:
    • ECE 207 Electronic Measurement Techniques – Fall 2012 – UTA
    • ECE 270 Introduction to Digital System Design – Spring 2013 – UTA
    • ECE 323 Electromechanical Motion Devices Lab – Fall 2013 – UTA
    • ECE 362 Microprocessors and System interfacing Lab – Spring 2014 – UTA

CETL 8000

After two semesters of being a teaching assistant for the ECE department, I was asked by the department to teach a course on teaching to the incoming graduate teaching assistants for the Spring 2018 semester. The course, CETL 8000, teaches the students about the policies and procedures for incidents at Georgia Tech, teaching techniques such as active learning for use in their assignment, and useful tips such as time management and holding discussions in the classroom. After the Spring semester, I was asked again to teach the course and did so as instructor of record.

During this teaching experience, I held two 8 hour long “jumpstart” sessions with over 100 new GTA’s total, gave lectures for sessions which I created the materials for, and independently ran and monitored the course with guidance. I have included in the download below some materials I created during my time teaching this course such as the syllabus, a selected PowerPoint presentation from one session, and its corresponding learning activities and lesson plan.

ECE 1010

In my last semester at tech, I have been working on re-designing a course with an instructor in the ECE department, ECE 1010. The course is a freshman level course that is being offered to incoming freshman as part of the ignite program. The course started out needing a complete redesign and utilized no prior materials, including a general topological outline for the course. Using my knowledge I obtained from the tech to teaching program, I designed the course with the instructor centered around the final project.

With the end goal of the students being able to interface some new sensor from this kit with an arduino controlling a self balancing robot, we created the course by performing tasks such as crafting a topological outline to ensure the right material is covered for the students to execute the final project and that we covered our learning objectives. From this topological outline, I focused on creating the laboratory assignments for 5 weeks totaling 6 experiments. With some of the materials covered in the lab being new to the students, I also created preliminary reading material. All of the documents I created for the lab experiments were done in LaTeX and the codes can be found here on my GitHub. I have also included pdf downloads of a selected lab experiment and syllabus in the below download.